Oh yes it’s ladies night and the feeling’s right…

I submitted a new short play called Subjunctive Mood to Actor Awareness and it’s been selected for a scratch night on February 16th at Canal Cafe Theatre, Little Venice.

Actor Acc563a5e-c2a0-47af-bd04-ad22bce0caeewareness is a campaign set up by actor Tom Stocks to promote and support actors from working class backgrounds. It takes a lot of money to train as an actor and paid jobs for professionals are hard to come by too so all actors tend to work long and unsociable hours to make ends meet and to keep doing what they love to do.

Tom is also keen to support a range of actors, writers and directors with his campaign, hence the next scratch night is all about the women. This is really exciting as it’s really rare to have a new writing night where women playwrights at least equal the men let alone a night where they dominate the programme.

I’m thrilled to have been selected so come on down an support some female playwrights and some amazing actors.


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