My next project is one I’m really excited about. romanovs

Innovative theatre company Doughnut Productions put a call out for proposals for plays on the theme of Trapped. I submitted a proposal, got short-listed, wrote the play and was excited to hear that mine was one of three chosen for performance at The Cockpit on 28th August as part of Camden Fringe.

I’m particularly excited because Doughnut Productions puts the audience on swivel chairs and the action happens around and through them. It was fun to write for such a unique set-up and I can’t wait to see what director Catherine Lord does with my script.

The second reason I’m so excited is that this play is a bit of a departure from my usual stuff. It’s about the four daughters of the last Tsar of Russia. Following the revolution, the Tsar and his family were moved to Tobolsk in Siberia and then to Ekaterinburg. For over 18 months they were kept there under house arrest while the authorities decided what to do with them.

I’m fascinated by the idea of four young women being trapped together in such difficult circumstances and was inspired by author Helen Rappaport’s brilliant book Four Sisters which served as an invaluable research tool.

Book here– there are three times on the 28th August to choose from. Come and have a play on a swivel chair!

Kate and Andy from Doughnut Productions explain more in this video:


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