Alone Inside The box has just finished its run at the Bread and Roses and it was a fabulous week. 9009952 (1)Seven really different monologues with a wide variety of themes and some outstanding acting.

We were lucky enough to have a reviewer from London Pub Theatres come and see us on opening night and he wrote a lovely review. Perhaps the most exciting part about playwriting is when someone really gets what you’re trying to say and the hard work the director and actors put in to really get to the heart of the story.

He said about Life Sentence:

The jewel in the crown of this excellent night and the best piece of drama I have seen this year is undoubtedly Sian Rowland’s astonishing and mature ‘Life Sentence’.
Victoria Porter is perfectly cast as the single Mum mourning her son, sorting through a box of family possessions. Director Tessa Hart uses the space well to wring a performance of startling intensity and grace from Porter, eschewing empty histrionics; understated, observational drama at its very best. Rowland draws fearlessly on herself, as she sets out her story against the absolute passion that is a mother’s love for a son. Every breath, every twitch of the superb Porter is imbued with humanity and humour. The message is delivered without compromise as we’re shown the personal cost of loss to a strong and desperate mum. And, because of the absence of any formal agenda, this story of woman’s tragic loss delivers a political message like a punch in the gut. A merited ***** for this company.

As you can imagine I was a slightly overwhelmed but definitely thrilled.

Read the rest of the review here.


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