five stars


Recent plays include-

Nami Nami– at James Arnott Theatre, Glasgow for Red Theatre and Scottish Refugee Council

Alex Appleby & Fiona Whitelaw in Spurn The Dust

Spurn The Dust– Finalist in the Red Women’s Theatre Awards. Rehearsed reading at Greenwich Theatre (Dir. Kate Saffin)

‘whip-smart and hilariously funny…The play is honest and authentic with two beautifully-crafted central characters, What Sian does brilliantly in this two-hander is manage moments of stillness and clarity.’ Female Arts

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Drafts– Southwark Playhouse for Director’s Cut (Dir. Edward Land)

Subjunctive Mood- Canal Cafe Theatre for Actors’ Awareness (Dir. S. Rowland)

Life Sentence– Southwark Playhouse for Timezone Theatre (Dir. Tessa Hart) and as part of Alone Inside The Box at Bread &Roses Theatre for Goblin Baby Productions.

‘The jewel in the crown of the evening and the best piece of drama I have seen this year is undoubtedly Sian Rowland’s astonishing and mature ‘Life Sentence *****’ London Pub Theatres 

Evening stealer…exquisitely written. Brilliance personified in new writing.’ Carn’s Theatre Passion

‘The high point of the evening…Rowland’s script deftly shows how alienation and discrimination is open to all.’ Female Arts

‘Life Sentence was the most poignant play of the night.’ London Theatre One
My favourite of the pieces was Life Sentence, a considered monologue.’ There Ought To Be Clowns

Julie Ross & Sokh Kaur Olja in Swans

Swans– The Cockpit Theatre (Dir Jo Greaves)

Alice Springs– The Etcetera (Dir Scott le Crass)

‘A script which sparkles with sharp satire and some killer one-liners.’ London Culture Show

‘A hilarious comedy about the dangers of sharing too much on Facebook.’ UK Theatre Network

‘Writer Siân Rowland clearly has a very good ear for naturalistic dialogue.’ So So Gay Stage

‘A very relevant comment on the way social media is so prevalent in today’s western lifestyles. ‘Remote Goat

Scribblers– Wimbledon Theatre Studio for Attic Theatre (Dir Jen Bakst)

Dani Arlington as Alice Springs
Dani Arlington as Alice Springs